Keyboard layout to learn:

This typing course will guide you step-by-step from the beginning. You will be typing quickly and accurately, without looking at the keys, in just a few hours.

It is important to position your hands on the keyboard correctly. Your fingers must be in the middle row of your keyboard on the "home keys":

Starting with your left hand, place your little finger on key A, ring finger on S, middle finger on D and index finger on F. Your thumb must rest on the Space bar. With your right hand, place your index finger on J, middle finger on K, ring finger on L and your little finger on the next key.

Press Enter with the little finger of your right hand.

Always put your fingers back on the home keys after pressing any key.

The following picture shows the correct position of the hands with the fingers on the "home keys":

A picture of the key positions will be available during the lessons.

It is important not to look at your own keyboard while typing. Look at the keyboard shown on the screen. Click the "Start Button" below if you are ready to begin the first lesson.