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About us

Goodtyping.com is a website specialized in the training of users to improve their typing technique using the computer keyboard. To learn the touch typing technique using 10 fingers, goodtyping offers a free basic course comprising 27 lessons and an advanced course comprising 21 more lessons not free. A typing speed test and virtual classrooms for schools and teachers are also available on the web.

contact: info[at]goodtyping.com

About user data

In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), goodtyping managers inform of the existence of a file of their ownership in which the data necessary to keep users informed or provide the services that users request will be included.

The user (owner of his data) may exercise the rights recognized in the GDPR on this file and, in particular, those of access, modification or cancellation of data, as well as revocation of consent for the transfer of their data under the terms foreseen in the GDPR. Users can perform these actions by editing their own data on the goodtyping website or by sending a request to info [at] goodtyping.com.

Refund and Guarantee

Users who hire the advanced course or premium services will have endless access to the course while the service is operational, and always for a minimum of 1 year from the date of payment.

The goodtyping user will be entitled to cancel the advanced course or premium services and the right to a refund of the amount paid during the 15 days following the payment of the course. To request reimbursement of the amount paid, you must send an e-mail to info[at]goodtyping.com indicating your username and your request for payment reimbursement.


We use Google Analytics to obtain access statistics. We use Google Adsense to show ads on our site.

Companies that serve goodtyping ads, or those that provide access statistics, could use cookies for statistical purposes and only for access to their servers. In no case these companies will have access of goodtyping users. We make technical efforts to prevent leakage of personal data.

Our users can delete these cookies or prevent them from being sent from their browser options.

How Google uses your personal data on our site: Google’s Privacy & Terms policy.

Payment Security Information

Your credit card information is safe when you pay with goodtyping.com.

The security of your personal information and credit/debit card details is at the forefront of our security policy. Goodtyping.com ensures that all online transactions are protected by powerful Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology using HMAC SHA256 standards. SSL encrypts your credit card number and name as it travels through the Internet.

With this system, your payment is made directly to our account on the bank's secure server. No time will your card number be made known to us.